Home of the North Pole (AK) Nicks Baseball Club

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Members of the Alaska League 1980-1987

Secondary phase of operation 1989-1991
Founded by Don Dennis in 1980

The best baseball players in America take North Pole?  You bet.  The North Pole Nicks ball club (named after St. Nick, of course) had many highs, including reaching the national championship game of 1985.

01_00_gonzalez_01 (2)A closer look at this campy clubhouse of characters reveals the power of a united drive to excel.  Forging bonds of brotherhood through common adversity enabled each ballplayer to rise to inspiring levels of personal and team excellence.

For a decade, the Nicks’ organization successfully carved a ‘field of dreams’ in the wilds of Alaska.  Shortly after the last pitch, though, the wilderness reclaimed Wright Field’s right field.  Even so, the team’s legacy of excellence lives on.  In fact, a fraternity of Nicks continues to thrive in major league baseball.

Starting from scratch and reaching the national championship game was a remarkable achievement.  Having done so from the home of Santa Claus was even more unlikely.


The “Second Phase” of North Pole Nicks history came after the re-organization of the team for the 1989-1991 seasons.  Led by Emmitt Wilson and Mike Studer, these clubs trained with the Goldpanners, played against ABL competition, and had graduates to the major leagues.   Perhaps the most successful Nick from the second phase was starting pitcher Brad Radke.

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