Alumni Notes

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  • Todd Zeile : “It was definitely a good baseball experience for me.”


  • Dave Forman : “All the rain water drained to the infield.  The fences were like a half mile out there.  I think they built the mound out of sand.  The had a Little League Backstop.”


  • Steve McFarland : “I just remember driving out there in the middle of nowhere and there was this field in a forest of trees.”


  • Clay Morgan, Announcer : “Of all the players I saw during that time, many worked very, very hard. None worked harder than Eric Karros. On the Alaska team he was probably the third or fourth best player (Luis Gonzalez was considered the best) at the start of the season. By the end of the season, Karros had come farther than anybody – in bat speed, strike zone judgment… In watching him work, every time you saw him step into the batting cage, you always thought Eric was going to come out a better hitter, that he was going to learn something new or that he had reinforced a basic fundamental that would help him the next time he was up there for real.”

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