Chad Kretuer (83-84) Settles in as USC Head Coach

By Dave Albee

As if replacing his successful father-in-law as head baseball coach at USC isn’t motivation enough, Chad Kreuter has found an even greater source of inspiration right next door.

The former major-league catcher and Marin native is embracing the chance to coach and work in the Los Angeles Coliseum-sized shadow of USC football coach and fellow Redwood High graduate Pete Carroll. Kreuter has one goal in mind, and it’s essentially the same one Carroll had when he arrived on campus. Continue reading

2006: Chad Kreuter moves to USC

By Brian VanderBeek

Chad Kreuter stepped down Friday as the Nuts’ manager and will take his father-in-law’s spot at USC.

When Chad Kreuter took over as manager of the Modesto Nuts in December, he spoke of having two career goals. He said he either wanted to manage in the big leagues or be the head coach of a top-notch college program.

The Colorado Rockies had Kreuter on a path that eventually could have given him a shot at the major-league half of that dream. But the University of Southern California had a fast-track plan, and it took only a few hours to convince Kreuter which path to take. Continue reading

2003: An Alaskan Pipeline to the Big Leagues

Associated Press – There were so few fans in Mulcahy Stadium that a heckler’s game-long monologue carried clear to the pitcher’s mound.

The voice cut easily through the quiet chatter of about 300 people lounging in the bleachers, watching teams made up of college players from North Carolina to Hawaii to Taiwan. The park holds 4,500 people, but the average turnout for a game is several hundred. Continue reading