1985: Lineups for Nicks and Miners

In 2015, during the first thorough cleaning of the Growden Memorial Pressbox since 1967, two pieces of paper were found lodged in a crack.  These turned out to be the lineup pages used by the North Pole Nicks broadcast team in 1985.  They contained the starting lineups for the Nicks and the visiting Mat-Su Miners.

Among the Nicks starters are major leaguers Mark Grace, Chris Donnels, Paul Faries, Randy Hennis, Alex Sanchez, Andy Stankiewicz, and Todd Ziele. Continue reading

2003: An Alaskan Pipeline to the Big Leagues

Associated Press – There were so few fans in Mulcahy Stadium that a heckler’s game-long monologue carried clear to the pitcher’s mound.

The voice cut easily through the quiet chatter of about 300 people lounging in the bleachers, watching teams made up of college players from North Carolina to Hawaii to Taiwan. The park holds 4,500 people, but the average turnout for a game is several hundred. Continue reading